Malawi music

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Malawi music

This text provides an overview of gospel music in Malawi. Following voyages of David Livingstone and other British missionaries in the s, Malawi was made a British protectorate on 14 May [i].

The coming of the missionaries diluted and changed the cultural practices that were there already. Most of the major Christian sects are represented in Malawi.

Until the s, the dominant sects were Catholics, Presbyterians and Adventists. Musically they were very traditional and gospel music at the time was synonymous with choral performances.

malawi music

They thought you have taken club music to church! In the early s Malawi witnessed an increase in Pentecostal churches, which allowed for more flexible views on the use of instrumentation. Soloists from the churches started performing with the backing of a full band, introducing a new, modern touch to local gospel that was different from the conventional choral performances. Apart from the influence that the shifting popularity of Christian churches was having on gospel music, distribution also played a major role in shaping it.

Another veteran musician, Paul Bandawho led one of the most popular Catholic bands, Alelluya Band, explains that until the late s, Malawi only had one radio station and one recording studio, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation [iv].

In Banda and the Alleluya Band recorded an album Malilime, but it was not sold untilwhen Banda negotiated with OG Issa, who at the time was making and selling mixtapes of foreign music.

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It became the first group to distribute music with a local distributor in Malawi. Other competing distributors were banned from duplicating CDs. With OG Issa monopolizing the market, he gained more bargaining power, to the point where artists felt they were being ripped off. Some opened their own shops, while others had cars that were moving around townships selling the CDs. This trend of selling continues today, although online platforms are growing in popularity [vii].

This remains the most popular beat for Malawian gospel music and makes up a large portion of the gospel music fanbase. She draws from the style she was playing in Kamwendo Brothers Band and Ravers before becoming a born-again Christian, blending rhumba music with a Manganje beat to make her sound unique.

Another group with a similar approach is the Mboniza Yesu duo, who came up with a blend of Nyau sound with South African house beats. Live events have also been instrumental in increasing recognition of urban gospel music in Malawi. Many gospel artists just including a reggae song or two on their albums. Mlaka Maliro is an artist who converted from secular to gospel music with a reggae touch.

Country and Western: Country and western is one of the minor subgenres in Malawian gospel. It takes up a small portion of the fanbase. Two notable country artists who were inspired by American country greats such as Jim Reeves and Kenny Rodgers are Allan Ngumuya and Sweeney Chimkango who rocked the airwaves from the s to the end of the millennium.

Gospel concerts are extremely popular in Malawi, usually more than secular ones. Gospel musicians use their collective efforts when holding their shows to ensure public support. There are usually more than 10 performers during gospel concerts, unlike in secular shows where one performer can have a show with a few curtain raisers or supporting acts. Gospel music in Malawi has evolved tremendously and with the adoption of a new cultural policy in Malawi, there is a promise of continuous growth in the industry.

Disclaimer: Music In Africa provides a platform for musicians and contributors to embed music and videos solely for promotional purposes. Please read our Terms of Use for more. Gospel music in Malawi. By Music In Africa Published under the Creative Commons Licence. By Kamzati Konyani This text provides an overview of gospel music in Malawi.

Malawi's famous Alleluya Band.Thus, it seemed like an obvious place to search for the new and boundary-pushing sounds of Nyasaland. It turned out that the festival crew also had music of its own to share, and a few days after I returned to South Africa, I had a firm grasp on what Malawi is listening to. Below are some discoveries that help make Lake of Stars among the best new-music festivals in the region, and Malawi a hotbed of new sounds.

Careers in music are generally frowned upon for women in this socially conservative nation — especially wearing makeup, showing too much skin the knees particularly and calling undue attention to oneself — but Kim does so with grace and a steady gaze. The pair make for great visuals, and the track shines under their care, as Kim bares heart and shoulder in this great piece of work.

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There is power in our curves. Also backed by Joy Nathu, Eli has had track after track make it onto the chart, superseding many bigger-name artists in his rise. If Prince and Joy are correct, this young man will go far. This young man had his moment at Lake of Stars this year on the Beach Stage and proved to be as versatile a live musician as he is a recording artist.

Search Afropunk. Words by Shiba Melissa Mazaza.Music of Malawi has historically been influenced through its triple cultural heritage of British, African, and American music. One of the prime historical causes of the Malawian musical melting pot was World War IIwhen soldiers both brought music to distant lands and also brought them back. By the end of the war, guitar and banjo duos were the most popular type of dance bands.

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Both instruments were imported. Malawians working in the mines in South Africa and Mozambique also led to fusion and blending in music styles, giving rise to music styles like Kwela. During the colonial period, Malawi saw rise to very few well-known singers.

One such singer was Tony Bird a folk rock singer-songwriter who was born in Nyasaland and performed anti-colonial music about life for regular Malawians during the colonial period.

His music is described as a fusion of Malawian and Afrikaner traditions. His popular style led him to tour with Ladysmith Black Mambazo in the s.

Under President Hastings Bandathe Malawian state censored music that it deemed to be of a sexual or politically subversive nature.

This led to few internationally renowned artists entering the international arena from After the country's first multiparty elections inhowever, many artists could now practice their art publicly, and Malawian music began to grow and develop into the music forms that can be heard coming out of Malawi now.

Sincethe country has seen a steady growth in its music industries and in its local celebrities. Due to the period of music suppression, many of Malawi's new and up-and-coming artists are young. Artists like Young Kay are being supported by the veterans in the industry and are working together to give Malawian music a distinct new identity.

Many local artists are also making headway internationally.


In the late s, South African kwela music was popular in Malawi. It is a little-known fact that South African Kwela music though had its roots in Malawi from the Malawian immigrants that went to work in South Africa and fused their music with the local sounds, creating Kwela.

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Malawian jazz bands also became popular. In spite of the name, Malawian jazz has little in common with its American namesake. Rural musicians played acoustic instruments, often in very traditional ways. By the beginning of the s, electric guitars had become common and American rock and rollsoul and funk influences the music scene, resulting in a fusion called afroma.The southern African country of Malawi is most famous for its beautiful lake, its cultural diversity and some slightly bizarre dealings with foreign celebrities.

Due to the friendliness of its people, it has become known by many as 'The Warm Heart of Africa', but what is happening there musically?

Music of Malawi

This text provides an overview of popular music in Malawi, both past and present, and attempts to shed some light on the key popular genres. It was influenced by those returning from World War II, inspired by new jazz and blues sounds. It is also said that the famous South African style kwela meaning 'rise' in Chichewa was heavily influenced by Malawian 'Banjo' players who had gone south to work in the mines.

There is still a live tradition of this style, especially performed by buskers and in villages. Most music presently recorded in Malawi is done so in home studios with varying quality of equipment. Some of the most popular young artists in Malawi of this broad genre are Lulu, Piksy and Maskal, who play regular live shows in the season.

It's traditionally been very difficult for female performers to break into the music industry in Malawi due to a traditional patriarchal culture.

One genre that female performers are definitely allowed to join is gospel. There are choirs and gospel groups all over Malawi. Many of the choirs perform hit songs with a modern backing band, and many of the most popular solo artists — such as Ethel Kamwendo, Favoured Martha and Lloyd Phiri - tour the country frequently.

Gospel has recently come to be incorporated into other popular genres. For example, artists such as Lawi and Faith Moussa have combined Afro-jazz instrumentation with gospel-inspired lyrics. The same is true in the Christian hip-hop scene, which enjoys a large following.

Both of these new takes on the gospel genre are well produced and catchy, and can be appreciated by non-Christian listeners. It is sung in both English and Chichewa, sometimes a mixture of the two.

In Malawi, reggae is enjoyed by a wide demographic.

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There are bands to cater for the local Rasta community and others to entertain the regular folk. Besides its characteristic groove, what typifies this music is the lyrics, which often deal with the everyday social issues that the people of Malawi face.

Due to this reason, reggae in Malawi has become synonymous with the people's music and is thereby accessible to all. As in the rest of the reggae-loving world, dancehall is also popular, especially in the cities. There are several artists and young bands who let out hard-hitting lyrical flows to get the crowd dancing, thinking and singing along.Skip to content. Apr 8, Music. Hip hop star Fredokiss has surprised his alleged rival Phyzix, having registered his name.

malawi music

Read more. Apr 7, Entertainment. Sarkodie becomes second most followed rapper in Africa after hitting 3 million followers on Twitter. Award-winning rapper Sarkodie has shot up in numbers on social media platform Twitter, becoming. Apr 6, National News. Apr 2, Music. Malawian award winning singer and songwriter, Eli Njuchi, is set to drop his debut. Mar 25, Entertainment. Mar 12, Entertainment. Feb 7, Music. A federal judge on Thursday delayed R. Jan 27, World News.

First Female! Jan 24, Music. MBC clears K mil royalty arrears with Malawi musicians. Jan 20, Music. By Charles Twitch Nyerere Music is life and we are all music lovers despite. Jan 17, Africa. Jan 14, Featured. Jan 14, World News. Jan 10, Africa.Reset here. Already a member Login here. Your Music Career Starts Here.

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malawi music

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Decade ago, it was not simp Decade ago, it was not simple and quite subtle gaining recognition as a young artist.

malawi music

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